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About us

About us


We support CliniClowns. For many children in the hospital, the CliniClowns are a bright spot. Between tedious treatments, their play and humor provide much-needed distraction and fun. With distraction and pleasure, CliniClowns ensure that sick children, children with disabilities and people with dementia forget their worries for a while.

We are

AlpinPro® is conservative in costs and progressive in service with only the best products. That’s us in a nutshell. A supplier without frills and of this time. So both a price fighter and old-fashioned running for our customers, as if our lives depended on it. That’s our philosophy. And then the customers come naturally. Of course we also want to make a little profit. But then from fair trade, and only with fair products. And no imitation stuff from China, for example.

We are not a one-hit wonder, but a race of entrepreneurs. Our Dutch supplier has been producing the best items for 30 years, and with success – that is of course only possible with a perfect product line.
For example, we are the exclusive authorized supplier of all AlpinPro® Anti-limescale systems.
We started our business with our own resources, sweat and perseverance. We have full control in our hands, and complete logistics for the customer – and therefore short lines and everything under our own management. Clear and transparent; as you would expect from an expert.
This allows us to make decisions quickly and adjust the entire process quickly if necessary. It is not for nothing that we have satisfied many customers.

We are not part of any organization or conglomerate. No-nonsense – we are quite proud of that, that we have managed to set up such a great company with a close-knit team.
We run for you as if our lives depended on it. A weak sales story, expensive (nonsensical) advertisements, empty promises or misleading reviews? We don’t do that. Honesty is the best policy. After all, beautiful clichés are of no use to you.

That is why we are happy to make the following concrete promises to you. You can pay us on this.
– Reply to your e-mail within one working day. But sooner if possible.
– Put someone on the line right away. So no annoying menu options or music on hold.
– Directly on the line with a real person: and then no call center employee – no: you will receive immediately
the real specialist on the phone, and if we don’t know immediately: then we are honest and let you
call back by the manufacturer’s technical specialist.
– Fair trade. Open and transparent. No Fake reviews, we don’t need them – 100%
customer satisfaction is our trademark.
– Call the director if you wish. Because our management is not in an ivory tower, but stands
and just sits and walks on the work floor.
– Not happy, money back. Are you not satisfied? Are we doing something wrong? Then no costs or difficult
hassle if you want your money back (which is very rare by the way).
– We promise what we do, and we do what we promise.
– We deliver perfect products – in various price ranges: the price is what you pay, the value is
what you get.

Our company is specialized in the development, further development and (worldwide) delivery of leading water treatment equipment such as professional anti-limescale systems and water descalers.
For all user groups – private and industrial – different versions have been developed for every application, capacity, temperature, distance, service life, material type and diameter up to 315 mm (12.5 inch) of the pipe. We provide a tailor-made solution for every limescale problem. Our technical specialists will solve the lime (scale) problem for you.

Our system has many satisfied users worldwide. In the Netherlands too, more and more users are discovering the successful operation of the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale systems – in all versions. The crystal-clear guarantees provide additional confidence in our products. The products are offered, purchased and delivered in accordance with the general sales conditions deposited by us.

Other providers claim high customer satisfaction: we are better and we prove it day in and day out.
Our professional anti-limescale systems even scored 100% customer satisfaction in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. You too can count on our solid technical manufacturer’s guarantees.