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The AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System: a quick and inexpensive solution against limescale!

The AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System is a quick and inexpensive solution against limescale and is now even more powerful. Our anti-limescale system: the water softener alternative, is the most powerful in this segment without using electricity or salt and completely maintenance-free.

Everyone has problems with lime in the water. These lime particles attach themselves in pipes and cause limescale on your plumbing. An inexpensive solution for this is our AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system. This environmentally friendly device changes the crystal structure in the water, so that the lime particles remain dissolved and can no longer adhere – without environmentally polluting residues.

Our AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system can be used by individuals as well as companies. In addition, you can think of applications in ponds and swimming pools, catering and in agriculture and horticulture. Our AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system neutralizes the lime in the water by means of a permanent magnetic effect. Lime can adhere to the pipes and to heating elements of, among other things. household equipment. Think of washing machines, dishwashers, combi boilers, etc.

The module has a positive effect on the service life of this equipment. However, the composition of the water does not change. The healthy effect of the calcium and magnesium particles is preserved, so no manipulation of necessary components, as with other systems. What more could a person wish for?