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  • Suitable for any type of home

  • Maintenance-free

  • 15 year warranty


What does it get me?

  • Equipment lasts longer
  • You use (much) less soap, detergent and shampoo
  • Taps and shower walls remain beautiful
  • You save time
  • Lower energy costs because less insulation due to lime
  • Your car really looks better without limescale
  • Your skin feels soft(er), skin problems reduce

Many Dutch people suffer from too hard water. As a result, a lot of limescale builds up. Limescale has unpleasant consequences, it ensures, among other things, that your kitchen appliances break down, but also that your heating costs increase by 20%.

You want a universal water softener to prevent limescale so that you no longer suffer from this nasty, harmful and annoying limescale, and you want to finally deal with:

  • expensive and, above all, unnecessary repairs
  • early replacement of expensive equipment
  • unnecessary use of softening salt
  • heavily polluting polishes and abrasives
  • expensive fabric softeners and brighteners
  • too high energy and water bills
  • prevent skin problems
  • soft water tastes better
  • etc.