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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System. Of course, you can always e-mail or call us. Our service team will adequately answer your questions.

A supplier of other softeners says that your anti-limescale system only has an effect up to 10 meters after the water meter?

Well, people make up all kinds of nonsense about our product. When our module arrangement is placed at the water meter, the entire building from the basement to the attic is fully equipped with wonderfully soft water without limescale. Unfortunately for the supplier of other (salt) softeners: this claim is sheer nonsense with regard to our system!

Why do you have different versions?

It can be compared to buying clothes – luckily you also have a choice of different sizes, and you buy what fits you, it would be strange if there were only 1 size, or at the optician, you will also get that choice of various glass strengths, and not a “universal” pair of glasses? Or in the shoe store, where you can choose from various sizes. We can go on like this for a while.

The same applies to anti-limescale systems: you need the right type that suits your situation.

Every situation is different. Logical, even a child understands that.

Depending on eg. the specific characteristics of your home, the hardness and composition of the water in your area, it is determined which treatment (read “type of module”) is necessary to achieve a 100% result. We can, however, offer a universal module, namely the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system UNI-PRO.

How come you can offer the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system professionally for the best price?

We work on a no-nonsense basis. For example, we have no mechanics to finance with expensive sports cars or luxury bungalows and we work without intermediaries, and we have no expensive advertising budgets, so our overhead costs remain low, we manage the logistics from production to shipping in-house and you will notice that as a customer at the favorable purchase price of a module arrangement.

It’s that simple – what we don’t spend, you don’t have to pay!

I already have soft water – do I still need an anti-limescale system?

Yes. Calcium and magnesium are also present in soft water areas, albeit less than in hard water areas. This is why limescale also forms in soft water areas.

If you see, for example, white deposits on glassware, in the shower cabin and on the spiral or flat bottom in the kettle, then you are suffering from limescale in the water, this lime must be present in the (drinking) water – and a small amount is enough to be bothersome => you see and notice that you suffer from limescale? – the question is not whether the water is hard or soft or whether you live in a central softened water area – the question is whether you (and your equipment) are bothered by the limescale present! – and you can effectively remove and prevent that annoying limescale with the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system.

How do I know if the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System is working at all?

The AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System is a module with very special magnets. We often get the question whether an anti-limescale system can work – whether it is not a myth. For many years, worldwide research has been conducted into this phenomenon, and the publications clearly indicate that these do have a (positive) influence on calcium deposits.

Of course, there are cheap imitation products – but they do not give any or not noticeable results. Cheap is expensive then!

Our products have proven the opposite for decades. To avoid disappointment, it is therefore important that you purchase the right module from us.

How do I know that the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System is a high-quality product?

The AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System is produced under very strict (international) standards, which provides certified quality proof.

In addition, our professional AlpinPro® Anti-limescale systems come with a solid 3 months of continuous use – money back – and a solid minimum 10-year (up to a lifetime) warranty period, that says it all.

How do I know if we have ‘hard water’ at home?

Look here for an indication of the water hardness per place of residence. If you see white deposits on glassware, in the shower cabin and on the spiral or flat bottom in the kettle, then you certainly have problems with limescale in the water. Incidentally, this is the case in 93% of households, lime must be present in the (drinking) water and a small amount is enough to be bothersome => you can see and notice that you suffer from limescale? – the question is not whether the water is hard or soft or whether you live in a central softened water area – the question is whether you (and your equipment) are bothered by the limescale present! – so suffer from limescale.

My water is soft and centrally softened – yet I still suffer from limescale. How is this possible?

It is suggested by many water companies that soft or centrally softened water should no longer cause any limescale problem. This is not true. In the best-case scenario, the limescale problems can be reduced (slightly). Postpone the bad consequences. The Drinking Water Decree establishes (on the advice of the 1982 Health Council and laid down in the Water Supply Decree) that the hardness, for example by means of central softening, may not be reduced further than at least (1 mmol/l) 5.6°D (and the World Health Council advises even emphatically a minimum hardness of 8.5°D for your health, to prevent e.g.: osteoporosis, tooth corrosion, hair loss, cardiovascular disease, etc.). The amount of lime in the water is (slightly) reduced during central softening, but is by no means completely removed and the effect of the (necessary) lime still present remains disastrous for your pipes and equipment. Only the term in which the damage occurs is (slightly) postponed. In addition, the presence of certain organic and inorganic substances play a major role in the formation of limescale. These can partially prevent or promote the formation of limescale. That is why with a (relatively) low hardness and with central softening you are not completely rid of the well-known lime problems.

The AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system has been specially developed for this. These “condition” the relatively softer water in such a way that the lime particles present will no longer precipitate and adhere.

Is 3 months long enough for a good test?

Yes. When the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system is installed, the system works immediately. As a result, you will actually notice the improvements from the very first moment. To give you certainty, we have maintained a trial period of 3 months of continuous use for the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system.

We also take into account, for example, any holiday period that may fall during the 3 months. Some manufacturers give a (much) longer trial period – you can then wonder whether such products work – after all, after installation, it must immediately yield results. We are so convinced of the effectiveness of our products that we are proud of such a (relatively short) trial period.

Suppose the AlpinPro® Anti-calc system breaks, will I get a new one?

Yes. We are so convinced of the quality of our systems that you receive a solid (up to lifelong) technical (exchange) factory warranty. We can achieve this because in the quality system that is used, and every module is tested by us. All our modules are maintenance-free, shock-resistant, safe, do not use electricity and are heat and shock resistant.

Do I get my money back if I am dissatisfied?

Yes. Anyone who is dissatisfied with our professional AlpinPro® Anti-limescale systems after the first 3 months of continuous use (and has complied with the general terms and conditions), will receive the full purchase amount for the delivered module set-up back after undamaged and sufficiently stamped return.

Our customer satisfaction is extremely high, in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 even 100%(!) and we are proud of that.

If you do not experience maximum performance with the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System or are you moving to a hard water area, you can have it upgraded by us to a professional AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system module setup at an additional cost.

Does it take a long time for the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system to be installed?

New. You can order directly through your trusted banking environment via iDEAL or PayPal. We always deliver directly from stock, even worldwide, and after receipt of payment you will receive the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System within a few (working) days (o.o.u.). The installation of the softener itself usually takes less than a few minutes and you will have wonderfully soft water from every tap within 24 hours! Our AlpinPro® Anti-limescale systems come standard with a clear installation manual.

Do you charge call-out costs?

New. Assembly is very easy (usually within 5 minutes, without tools) and can be done by yourself. Call-out costs are actually superfluous and make it unnecessarily extra expensive.

If you would nevertheless like to use our installation service, you can indicate this when ordering the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System. Good installation is essential, because different modules have been developed for every situation, material type, pipe and application with optimal results and this is the only way we can offer you a 100% risk-free 3-month continuous use trial period (not good = money back).

Will I lose more costs after the purchase?

Absolutely not. So, no strings attached. In fact, you will quickly earn back the one-off purchase, because you will certainly save up to € 500 per household per year (year in, year out). The softener uses no electricity, batteries or the like, and is 100% maintenance-free – and of course no contract or maintenance obligations.

What is your fine print?

No. If the quotation has been approved by you, you will have a clear agreement with us about the price of the relevant module and the installation agreement that has been made. We know of no “hidden” costs. And of course, you do not need a maintenance contract with our products.

How fast does the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system work?

Straight away. After the ‘old’ water in your pipes has been replaced by soft water with the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system, you will notice the first differences almost immediately (usually within 24 hours): the water feels softer, no longer smells musty and looks clear again and sparkling, the glasses come out clean from the dishwasher without streaks and water spots, even without the use of brighteners and 35% – 50% less use of washing powder. You will have experienced all the benefits yourself within a few weeks. The longer the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System works, the clearer the results become and the more indispensable it becomes in your household.

What is the influence of the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System on the environment?

Big. You need 35% to 50% less soap and washing powder, no rinse aid and/or fabric softener. Salt in the dishwasher lasts much longer. Your energy consumption for heating and heating water can be reduced by up to 75% because the heating elements, equipment and pipes are cleaned by the module and the water heats up much faster. The better supply and drainage (overflows, sewers, etc.) of the water increases the performance and lifespan of your expensive machines.

Compared to conventional salt softeners, we also have the great advantage of preventing up to 70 kg of salt(!) from being dumped into the environment per softener.

Are there other systems?

Yes, salt softeners or ion exchangers. These are very expensive (prices from € 1,750 to € 3,000 without installation and maintenance are no exception). They burden the environment with waste water, are maintenance-sensitive (many euros annually), the lifespan is limited (approx. 10 years), there is a loss of pressure in the pipes, they often do not fit in the meter cupboard or well.

Such systems extract the healthy and necessary calcium and magnesium from the drinking water and sodium/salt is added instead. Judge for yourself; if it was that easy to solve, the water company itself would have removed the lime.

Filter systems are also expensive, at least approx. € 1,000, you may also have a loss of pressure, risk of harmful bacterial growth in the filters, limited capacity, limited lifespan (2-3 years) and will not fit in the well or meter cupboard. The water is very aggressive and is no longer suitable for consumption (no longer meets WHO standards). The acidic water can corrode the pipes, resulting in holes in the pipes. We prefer to offer you a solution that does not have all these side effects: the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system.

What does KIWA (the water knowledge institute) think of this hi-tech solution?

The most recent research by KIWA (BTO 2000.01) shows after an intensive test period of 2 years that the FAK devices involved have no (harmful) influence on the metal release through drinking water pipes and that there are no (co- ) effects. The applied F.A.K. technology is therefore completely safe. This underlines the lengthy and independent testing initiated by us – no damage can occur; after all, we don’t add anything or extract any healthy ingredients – we only neutralize the adhesion. You can read for yourself that our F.A.K. technology is very effective and worthy of recommendation in the KIWA study. (Source: KIWA Water Research).

Are there imitations of your products?

Yes. Unfortunately, we are regularly confronted with imitation products that apparently have the same properties as our unique professional products. People say that such products would come from the same factory, they would work for the same organization and they shamelessly copy our folders, advertisements (lay-out) and website texts. They shamelessly produce non-existent “references”, and post so-called “reviews” on sites. Too often we receive messages from dissatisfied and disappointed users of these inferior, not (good) or insufficiently working products, and very regularly those “good” working products are offered again on Marktplaats. Ask here for the original AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system. If in doubt, you can always call or email us for verification.

Fortunately, our quality convinces even the most skeptical, critical and spoiled customers, especially due to the unsurpassed extras:

3 months on trial: c.g. not good=money back guarantee (this is usually sufficient to experience all the benefits yourself)

  • very solid technical (exchange) factory guarantees
  • unique serial number for each AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system

Is your system safe?

Yes, 100%. The AlpinPro® Anti-limescale system works non-systemically, i.e. no healthy elements, minerals or other substances are added or extracted from the water flow. Also, the module or parts of the module do not come into contact with the water 1 on 1. The good and healthy components present in the water come into their own (even) better after installation of the AlpinPro® Anti-limescale System. Research by KIWA (BTO 2000.01) has confirmed that these types of systems are completely safe; the system has no influence on the copper-dissolving capacity of the (inside of the) water pipe. We have known this for many years from our own research.

Does your system not have any disadvantages?

Yes, actually only 1: the purchase is not free. Although the relatively small investment is paid back very quickly by you and even saves money afterwards – even this disadvantage also has its advantage!